JSC EndoEst-Apex 02 Apex locator

JSC EndoEst-Apex 02 Apex locator
Product Code: JSC EndoEst-Apex 02 Apex locator
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JSC EndoEst-Apex 02 Apex locator

professional device for root canal apical constriction localization

Apexlocator executes localization of apex by measurement of electrical resistance between two electrodes. One of these electrodes is metal hook (lip clip) placed of the patient labia, and the other one (file clip) is connected to metal part of the endodontic instrument (file) inserted into the root canal of the examined tooth.

Advantages of the device:

- Multi-frequency principle of apex localization – guaranteed accuracy of measurements at any mediums;
- Large well-read LCD screen;
- Digital, graphic, light and sound indication of measurement results;
- Automatic activation at instrument inserting into the root canal.

Additional functions:

- Adjustment the volume level of the sound signal;
- Indication of the accumulator current charge level;
- Energy-saving function.


- High accuracy in the presence of the most popular intra-canal irrigants used in non-surgical endodontic therapy (NaOCl, CHX and EDTA) due to activation of automatic measurement correction.
- Multi-frequency operative guaranties high accuracy (± 0.1 mm) in dry or wet canals.
- No need for calibration - measures accurately in all temperature and moisture conditions inside the canal. It is not necessary to set the device on zero before measuring each individual canal. Self-test function (provided by the apex-locator tester).
- Audible warning system provides a sound-based identification of the file's position along the canal.
- Powered by a rechargeable battery. Auto-power off feature, conserves battery life. Device operating times is approx. 10 hours one charge.
- Autoclavable file holder to avoid cross infection.
- Special cable fixing protects it from breakage.

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