Briot Accura Axcell CL Patternless Edger

Briot Accura Axcell CL Patternless Edger
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New Briot Accura Axcell CL Patternless Edger

After being submitted through a complete maintenance process and calibration.

The new Briot Axcell Lab CL is designed to meet the needs of high volume wholesale and retail labs
with its high-speed production capacity and durable construction. For models CLD, Edging and drilling are executed in one machine without
handling the lens between steps. One Axcell tracer-blocker can drive up to three edgers for maximum productivity.
TRACES with exclusive 5-D precision
CENTERS without a lensmeter
BLOCKS automatically and quickly
EDGES all lens materials
GROOVES rimless lenses
SAFETY BEVELS both front and rear
POLISHES for a high quality finish
This sale includes edger and accesories kit with calibrating gages,
water pump, interface and power cables and operations manual.

2 year warranty

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