Acteon Satelec Newtron Booster Ultrasonic Dental Scaler

Acteon Satelec Newtron Booster Ultrasonic Dental Scaler
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Acteon Satelec Newtron Booster Ultrasonic Dental Scaler 

The PURE NEWTRON technology, known as the Cruise Control System, is recognised for its gentle vibrations and its efficiency. Each tip, carefully made in our factory, is always vibrating at the correct ultrasonic frequency creating a perfect working harmony between the generator, the handpiece, the tip and the user. The power is adjusted in real time depending on the resistance encountered by the tip, and the even vibrations are both efficient and more comfortable for the patient. Efficiency is maximal and treatments are painless.


- 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
- Effortless interaction with the practitioner
- Easier access to settings and handpiece
- Totally watertight and hygienic for simple cleaning
- Extremely resistant to corrosion, increased longevity
- Detachable and autoclavable nose cone for total hygiene
- Intuitive power setting
- High power amplitude for precise settings
- Enhanced tip longevity


Newtron® Booster
- Irrigation : Connects to water supply
- Pressure : 1 to 5 bars
- Handpiece : NEWTRON 
- Handpiece weight (g) : 52
- Device weight (g) : 1600
- Overall dimensions (DxWxH) : 129x160x87

Common specifications
- Handpiece dimension (mm) : 110, Ø 18
- Handpiece cord (m) : 2,04  
- Single footswitch (dimension, weight) : 70x30x100 mm (150g)
- Equipment classification : .Class I - BF type Supply voltage : 100-240V AC 50/60Hz  
- Ultrasonic frequency : 28 kHz - 36 kHz
- Class of medical device : II a (according to 93/42/EEC directive)

Package Include

* NEWTRON Booster Unit
* 1 x NEWTRON Handpiece
* Scaling Tip No.1
* 1 x Autoclavable wrench 
* EXTRA Handpiece included FREE

Warranty Information
5 Years

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